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Telephone Support

Telephone Services manages all administrative tasks (such as accounting, phone quotas, moves, etc.) related to internal telephones, fax machines and EUI Mobile Services (Mobile phones and Internet Keys).

Telephone Services maintains as well the EUI Telephone Directory on the basis of the information provided by the Academic and Administrative units of the EUI.

Please note that troubleshooting with phones and mobiles is dealt with by ICT User Support.

Telephone Services does NOT provide assistance with queries about telephony services, mobile devices, operators, tariffs and plans other than those provided directly by the EUI.

Telephone Services is manned by one officer in charge and one half-time assistant. Additionally on-call out-sourced field technicians are respondible for the local configuration of internal telephones following a new installation or a move.

Telephone Support is operative 9.00-17.00, Monday-Friday.

All requests for support are taken by the centralised EUI Helpdesk operators who will dispatch to the Telephone Services or local ICT User Support Offices according to the nature of the request (administrative or technical troubleshooting).

Please Note:

  • any tickets submitted via EUI Helpdesk outside office hours will be dealth with during next office hours.
  • any requests for support sent to personal mail addresses of the support staff or support mail addresses (TelSupport and/or XX[email protected]) will NOT be dealt with.


Telephone Services Office

  • Manager is Antonella Pizzuto, assisted by Elena Viganò
  • Phone contact (via EUI Herlpdesk) ext. 2600 or [+39] 055 4685 600, Office VP89 (second floor)



Page last updated on 23 April 2020

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