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Audio/Visual Support

Technical assistance for the Audio/Visual equipment in conference rooms as well as related services is taken care of A/V Support, staffed by TecnoConference technicians, available full-time on premise and based in the Badia Fiesolana.



Areas of Competence

A/V Support is responsible for:

  • the maintenance and servicing of all audio/visual equipment installed in conference rooms, such as laptop, projector, screen, audio mixer, camera, speakers, etc.;
  • services on request such as audio/video recording or web streaming;
  • performing test calls with external teleconference recipients;
  • mentoring on A/V services and technologies.

Office Hours


Assistance can be requested:

  • via EUI4U Helpdesk (, making sure to choose category IT Support \ Audio Visual
  • in person, by visiting office BF253 (next to the Theatre in Badia Fiesolana)
  • by writing to [email protected]
  • by calling ext. 2600 ([+39] 055 4685 600) or ext. 2309 ([+39] 055 4685 309)
  • by calling mobile phone [+39] 345 6512453 (urgent matters only please)


A/V Services are managed by Mr. Leonardo Viti.

For further information call:

  • ext. 2284 or [+39] 055 4685 284



Page last updated on 16 February 2023

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