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EUI-WiFi Configuration for Android Tablet


The below guide has been tested on Android Tablet 3.2 (Honeycomb). Screenshots are taken from Honeycomb thus may slighlty differ from other Android-based devices depending on firmware version and make and customisation of your device.



  • Firmware 1.6 (Donut) or above must be installed;
  • WiFi must be enabled (depending on the make, either via hardware or software switch);
  • WiFi network settings must be set to DHCP.



  1. Go to any area then go to any area covered by the Institute's WiFi;

  2. Tap the Apps icon;

  3. Tap Settings;

  4. In Wireless & networks menu, tap Wi-Fi settings:

    Figure 1. Network settings


  5. From the list of available network, tap EUI-WiFi:

    Figure 2. Available wireless networks


  6. Change Security to 802.11x EAP (if available);

  7. Change Authentication and/or EAP method to PEAP (if available);

  8. Type in your EUI credentials as follows:

  1. Identity = your_EUI_username (for example jsmith)
    Password = your_EUI_password
    IMPORTANT: leave the Anonymous identity field (if available) blank!

    Figure 3. Wireless settings
  2. Leave the rest unchanged and click Connect [1]:

    Figure 4. WiFi successfully connected

You now have successfully configured your device to connect to EUI-WiFi.

Your device will automatically connect to EUI-WiFi whenver it is in range and your wireless card is enabled and turned on.

Please Note: to save power, Android will connect to any wireless service only when it is required. If you find at times you don't have a connection, it may be because Android has decided it has no use for it at the time.






[1] = If automatic configuration fails, fill in connection details manually.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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