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EUI-WiFi Connection Details

The details below can be used to repair and/or set up the EUI-WiFi connection manually on unsupported/undocumented operating systems/devices:



  • You must be a member of the EUI (valid computing account needed)
  • Your device should support 802.1x authentication with WPA2/AES encryption.


Connection Details

  • SSID: EUI-WiFi
  • Username: your_EUI_username
  • Password: your_EUI_password
  • Domain: IUEDOM
  • Wireless type: WPA2 Enterprise (WPA2/AES)
  • Authentication: (EAP-)MSCHAPv2
  • Certificate: VeriSign Trust Network [1]






[1] = The certificate is usually pushed automatically upon first login: please remember to Accept it whenever requested so!



Page last updated on 14 October 2019

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