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Using a Personal Device on a Network Connection to the EUI LAN and/or WiFi

The ICT Service grants permission for EUI members with a valid computing account to connect their personally owned devices (laptops, smartphones, etc.) to the EUI wired (LAN) and wireless (WiFi) network.


Available Network Services

For practical purposes, the services available to users connecting to the Institute's LAN and/or WiFi from their personal computers (and to some extent, from smartphones) are identical to those available when working on EUI PCs, as long as the proper configuration procedures have been carried out.

Access to e-mail, personal, web or shared areas (G:, W:  drive, etc.), Internet browsing and printing generally make up the bulk of services needed by most users.

You can find LAN and WiFi configuration instructions, as well as instructions on how to access personal, Web or shared areas, under the Connections menu.

Printing is made possible by connecting to the nearest public multifunction network printer.



Users are asked to carry out the initial network configuration by themselves on the basis of the linked guide mentioned above.

Portable Device Support can assist you in getting connected if you need additional assistance.



The ICT Service, by providing the means for connection, takes no responsibility for the consequences of any work done while the connection is open.

Likewise, configuration of networking parameters to establish a connection is the full responsibility of the device owner.

For a full outline of terms and conditions regulating access to the EUI network, please refer to the Institute's Network Policy.

Page last updated on 10 June 2020

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