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Guest Accounts

Visitors to the Institute for less than a week and/or external participants to conferences, events and summer schools (such as AEL summer school students), are considered as guests and as such do not qualify for a personal EUI computing account.

Should this be the case, a Guest Account can/will be arranged for you.

A Guest Account:

  • Is valid for 2 days or for the duration of the conference/event/summer school you are attending to
  • Allows for network access via  EUI-Guest wireless network
  • Can be used on a maximim of 2 devices at the same time (e.g. a smartphone and a laptop)
  • Allows for web-browsing via HTTP and HTTPS only

A Guest Account Does NOT Allow:

  • For your institution's VPN access
  • For the use of your email client (use your webmail instead)
  • Access to the public computers such as in the  Computer Rooms
  • For any other service available to an EUI computing account holder


Additionally, guests can use EUI's printing facilities (including printing in mobility) upon registration and purchase of sufficient print credit.


If you need to access a broader range of network resources, please contact your hosting Unit ( Department, Programme, Centre, Project or Servicebeforehand to verify if you qualify for a Short-term Visitor status.


Guest accounts can be issued by:


Furthermore, participants to Conferences, Events and Summer Schools as well as their organisers, can find useful information and guidelines about WiFi access at the following page: WiFi Access for Conference Participants.



Page last updated on 06 August 2020

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