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Best Effort Support

This document defines "best effort" level of support provided by ICT Service.




Purpose of this document is to establish a fair working agreement between the ICT Service and the EUI user community with regards to the support provided to non-standard technology and/or personally-owned devices.

Under specific circumnstances, this policy may apply to standard (hardware and software) technology as well.



The ICT Service defines "best effort" as a reasonable response to a support request that can be achieved within the context of the standard hardware and software technology available.

ICT Service will make every effort to comply with any support request, however request outcomes may be changed, limited or denied based on:

  1. Limits of technology (minimum hardware and software standards not met i.e. support to non-standard or out-dated technology including any technology purchased disregarding ICT Service reccomendations)
  2. Limits by a specific network system or point of access outside ot the EUI campus and/or not pertaining to the EUI ICT infrastructure [1], e.g.:
    • If ICT Service is unable to replicate the issue on its end, it cannot assist the client with troubleshooting
    • If ICT Service is unable to manage and/or access the technology remotely while user is off campus (for example due to bad internet connection, lack of timely communication, etc.)
    • If the issue is related to another organisation's network configuration or policies (for example, the organisation blocks specific services by policy)
  3. Limits set up on a technlogy managed by another organisation while being used on EUI premises and/or with EUI services (for example, the organisation blocks specific services by policy)
  4. User not remembering access credentials/password to personal accounts
  5. User not providing installation media and/or legit licenses (for example in the case of software re-installation)
  6. Requests that require undue effort for similarly available outcome or effect with available options [1]
  7. Requests that are repetitive due to a lack of training [1]
  8. Requests that have no specific needed function [1]
  9. Requests for something that the current technology cannot achieve (development requests)
  10. Major requests without a defined Statement of Work, or user is not willing to develop a Statement of Work with ICT Service [1]



All (ICT Service-managed) EUI computers and devices, EUI members' and visitors' personally-owned computers and devices as well as devices managed by other organisations.


Consequences of Misuse

Members repeatedly infringing this policy will be denied any support.



The Head of the ICT Service or designate will interpret the meaning of this policy and how to apply it.





[1] = applies to standard (hardware and software) technology as well.



Page last updated on 24 October 2019

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