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Full Support Policy

This document details the boundaries of full support level provided by the ICT Service.




Purpose of this document is to establish a fair working agreement between the ICT Service and the EUI user community with regards to the level of support provided to standard ICT infrastructure and services managed by the EUI ICT Service as outlined in its Service Catalogue.



If your ICT equipment meets the minimum standards detailed in the Standardisation Policy for Computing at the EUI and in the Supported OS Policy, the ICT Service will comply to provide full functional and technical support.

Full support means that ICT Service will provide support with due commitment and will guarantee a solution to the problem and/or a workaround in a timely manner and/or by providing an expected resolution time.



All (ICT Service-managed) services, EUI computers and devices, as well as EUI members' and visitors' personally-owned computers and devices.

Some exclusions may apply (see Exclusions below).



Under appropriate conditions, a computer or device may not be provided full support, even while meeting minimum standards, as further outlined in the Best Effort Support Policy.

Full support to personally-owned devices is limited to (the integration with EUI) Email, Network Shares, Printing Services, VPN and WiFi.



The Head of the ICT Service or designate will interpret the meaning of this policy and how to apply it.



Page last updated on 24 October 2019

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