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External Collaborators and Contractors

Accounts for externals can be provided to (academic) collaborators both with or without a gainful contract with the EUI. They are ideal for those academic collaborators who are not on premise but need basic access rights to EUI resources, including access to some software.

These are also the only type of accounts provided to contractors to the EUI (persons employed by contractors carrying out a processing operation governed by a contract or another binding legal act with the EUI stipulated in writing).

Depending on the sponsoring Unit, these accounts may or not come with an EUI email address (identified by the domain and are identified by the acronym (EXT) in the display name.

Accounts for externals are managed via IAM portal and are introduced exclusively by the sponsoring Unit. They are as well renewed automatically on the basis of EUI status information provided by the relevant Units: please refrain from directly contacting ICT Service and/or EUI Helpdesk to request the renewal of an account for externals!

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Page last updated on 02 August 2022

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