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Welcome Information

This is a brief outline of computing facilities at the EUI. This is part of the Welcome Information that will be distributed along with:

  1. Your Account Information Sheet containing uour personal login details;
  2. A Quick Reference Guide summarizing all the IT services available;
  3. Welcome Note;
  4. The ICT Service's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) detailing members' responsibilities when using the Institute's IT resources (to be signed for acceptance upon receiving the account information sheet). 

For further info, please check the sections below:



Computing Account

Before you arrive, a Computing Account will be prepared for your use whilst at the EUI. The account gives you access to EUI PCs, email, WiFi and other services.

A personal Account Information Sheet will detail your username, email address and temporary password. This information will be given to you by the EUI4U Unit or by your Unit of affiliation. Instructions on how to activate your EUI account are detailed on the account sheet itself.

If you are at the EUI for less than one month (<4 weeks), your Unit of affiliation will issue you with a Short-term Visitor Account or with a Guest Account.


Support in Getting Started

In order to start using any IT service at the EUI, your account needs first to be activated: if you require assistance in "getting started" you can visit the dedicated ICT desk (called Portable Device Support) at the EUI4U Unit (in the Badia cloister) or refer to the ICT User Support office office responsible for the location at which you find yourself working at.

Any support requests can be opened by contacting:


Support for Personally-owned Devices

Support for personally-owned devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc. is provided exclusively by contacting:


Management and Administration

The ICT Management and Administration can be reached either by phone ext. 2590 ([+39] 055 4685 590) or email [email protected].

Please Note: the above contacts provide NO technical assistance!



Page last updated on 06 August 2020

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