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All About Your Password

Looking for the Multi-Factor Authentication implementation page? You are only one click away!


Passwords ensure the security and confidentiality of your email contents as well as data stored on your devices, on the Institute’s servers, and remotely “in the cloud”.

User credentials, including password, are strictly personal and therefore must never be shared, not even with trusted collaborators, respected colleagues, your line manager, support technicians, friends or family!

Remember ICT Service or the EUI Helpdesk will NEVER ask for your password!


A compromised account can jeopardise not only your own data but the entire EUI community. It is your responsibility as a user to make sure that your password is as difficult to guess as possible and to not to give it away!

  • A weak password can allow malware such as a virus or a trojan to gain access to your computer and spread through the EUI network.
  • An easy-to-guess password can allow hackers to use your computer to hack into other computers connected to the EUI network.
  • These same hackers could use your email account to send malicious messages to everyone in your address book, Inbox and others.


For one of many articles on the Web stressing the importance of a strong password, see:

Why Password Security is So Important

Other password-related pages on the ICT Website:

For most type of accounts, there are two ways to change your EUI password:

  • from anywhere via the Microsoft Azure Password Portal, click on "Change password"
  • from any EUI desktop computer on campus, after succesful login, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select “Change a password”

For partner account holders, there are two ways to change your EUI password:

  • from anywhere via the EUI Password Portal, click on "Password Management"
  • from any EUI desktop computer on campus, after succesful login, press Ctrl+Alt+Delete and select “Change a password”

In order to change your EUI password, you need to know your current password. If you have forgotten your password, check "How to Reset Your Password" further below.

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If you forgot your password, you can reset it:

In order to reset your password, in case you haven't already configured alternative Multiple-Factor Authentication (MFA) options, you will be asked to provide a valid mobile number in order to receive a SMS message with a one-time verification code.

  • partner account holders, please get in touch with the EUI (see Support here below)




To protect your security and confidentiality, additional steps are needed under certain circumstances when logging into your EUI email as well as related apps like corporate Skype for Business, OneDrive for Business and SharePoint.

Such steps, or authentication options, are part of the so-called Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protocol and can be configured any time at the following link:

The same options will be shared with the Microsoft Online Password Reset portal to allow for resetting one's forgotten password!

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Still having problems with your password?

  • If you know your password but are unable to change it, request support through the EUI Helpdesk customer portal:

  • If you have forgotten your password and you are unable to reset it on your own:

register on the EUI Helpdesk as an external by clicking on the "New non-EUI user? Please register here" link and making sure NOT to provide an EUI email address (e.g. provide a GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. email account instead): this will be the email address we will use to contact you!




Page last updated on 04 June 2019

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