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Account Activation



Account Information Sheet

Before your arrival, a Computing Account will be prepared for your use whilst here at the EUI.

An Account Information Sheet provided by the ICT Service will explain details concerning your account, login name (username) and password procedures. This will be given to you by the Welcome Unit, Academic Service or Department/Service/Project/Programme depending on affiliation when you arrive at the Institute.

If you are here at the EUI for a period of less than one month (4 weeks) your Department/Project/Programme will issue you with a Guest Account.

The Account Information Sheet is part of the Welcome Information detailing an overview of facilities at the EUI.

When needed, assistance in "getting started" is available from your local ICT User Support office.


Activating Your Account

From an EUI Desktop PC

  1. At the login screen press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys together and then enter the Username and Password as stated on the Account Information Sheet given;
  2. Click OK to login;
  3. You will be prompted to change your password. Please follow the Strong Password Policy which is printed on the reverse of the sheet.


From Your Personal Laptop

  1. Visit https://account.activedirectory.windowsazure.com/Profile/Default.aspx;
  2. Login using the information provided on your personal Account Information Sheet and change your password manually:
    Your account: your email address
    Password: password provided on your Account Information Sheet
  3. This is a good time as well to set up the Self-Service Password Reset as described in Setting up Self-Service Password Reset, in case you should ever forget your password.


In both of the above cases, please follow the Strong Password Policy, which is printed as a reminder on the reverse of your Account Information Sheet.


Please Note: your login and password are the same for most of the IT services offered at the EUI (WiFi, VPN, Network Printers, etc.), as stated in the Account Overview. Once the password has been changed, please allow some minutes for the systems to sync it with all the IT services available.



Page last updated on 06 June 2019