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WiFi Access for Conference Participants

This page provides useful information and guidelines about WiFi access specific to conference participants, aimed at both participants and organizers:



Conference Participants

Conference participants have several options to access Internet via WiFi while at the EUI:

  • if you are an EUI member (with a valid computing account): connect to EUI-WiFi using your Institute username and password; or
  • if you are a Visitor to the EUI and your home institution is a member of eduroam: connect to EUI's eduroam Network via your home institution's credentials; or
  • if you are a Visitor to the EUI and your home institution is a member of IDEM: connect to EUI's EUI-WiFi  via your home institution's credentials; or
  • if you are a Visitor to the EUI and your home institution is NOT a member of eduroam nor IDEM: ask the organiser of the conference if Guest Accounts are available for your use (you mayneed to provide proof of ID in order to obtain such an account) in order to access EUI-Guest WiFi network; or
  • if none of the above applies to you, you can still use any of the many public access Internet Points scattered around the Institute (referred to as Totems and Jack PCs).


Conference Organizers

Conference-specific WiFi accounts for external (non-EUI) participants can be created if requested beforehand (see further below).

Such accounts are temporary (that is, will be enabled shortly before the event and disabled shortly afterwards) and grant the following services:

  • wireless access in any area covered by the EUI WiFi [1];
  • web-browsing via HTTP and HTTPS.

    Please Note: no VPN and no printing on EUI public Network Printers


Conference organizers who would like to request WiFi access for their external participants should do so by carefully following the procedures described in the Room Booking and Conference Equipment Policy of the Real Estate and Facilities Service, which is the only contact point for any queries related to seminar room events [2].


Before requesting WiFi access (via EUI-Guest network), the ICT Service strongly suggests the organiser to:

  • verify with participants if they are members of eduroam or  IDEM(as eduroam and/or IDEM members have less restrictions than temporary WiFi accounts);
  • verify participants' Internet needs (access to the Web and WebMail only or as well specific network resources and which);
  • check if those areas or seminar/conference rooms involved in the event(s) are covered by the EUI wireless network;
  • check if Internet/WiFi access is specifically needed in the seminar/conference room (or whether any other public area at the EUI would do just as well);
  • consider hiring full-time (WiFi configuration and seminar equipment) support by the Real Estate and Facilities Service's seminar room technician for the entire duration of the conference.


Upon requesting a Guest Account for conference participants, the organiser MUST:


Upon issuing a Guest Account to a participant, the organiser MUST:

  • verify the participant's ID (each Guest Account is personal!)
  • provide the participant with configuration instructions (if requested)
  • provide the partcipant with EUI's Data Protection Policy (if requested)

Please note that this has to be dealt with by the organiser: ICT Service will provide only the relevant Guest Account Receipts.


Unless specifically requested [3], support for WiFi configuration on visitors' devices can NOT be provided in-situ directly by the seminar room technician (Tecnico Sale) and/or the ICT User Support. External participants in need of support should be directed by the organiser to one of the Portable Device Support desks on a “first-come, first-served” basis as stated below.



  • Support to EUI members with EUI laptops/devices is provided by the local ICT User Support.
  • Support to Visitors with personally owned laptops/smartphones cannot be provided by the ICT Service, however participants may check for availability of the Portable Device Support or check with the organizer if specific on-site support for your event via a seminar room technician is available [4].
  • Please note: for any conference equipment related support request other than WiFi configuration (beamer, speakers, mic, etc.), please contact the Seminar Room Technician (Tecnico Sale, ext. 2309 - Mobile +39-345-6512453).





[1] = All seminar/conference rooms allow a maximum of 25 simultaneous WiFi accesses except the Theatre which allows 50.

[2] = Note that the ICT Service is ONLY authorized to set up WiFi accounts when it receives a formal request by the Real Estate and Facilities Service: please refrain from contacting ICT User Support directly regarding such account creation.

[3] = Specific full-time, in-situ support by a seminar room technician can be requested at a cost: please contact Real Estate and Facilities Service for details.

Please note that the "Support for configuration needed?" checkbox in the WiFi Account Request Form is ONLY to make the Portable Device Support aware of a potential increase in user requests. This free service is provided as a courtesy by the ICT Service, is available the first hour of the first day of the conference ONLY and is subject to the Portable Device Support timetable thus can NOT be guaranteed!

If you need full-time, in-situ support, please consider hiring a seminar room technician as per above!

[4] = Note that Visitors accessing eduroam Network or joining via IDEM at the EUI should contact their home institution for support.



Page last updated on 26 May 2022

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