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Partner Accounts for Staff Members

All administrative and academic staff members [1], married or living in stable union pursuant to Article 1, Annex VII, of the Staff Regulations and of the Conditions of Employment of the Teaching Staff, may apply for a Partner Account.

The request is to be filed via online application form. Please note that a digital, medium resolution, close-up photo in JPEG format (.jpg extension) of the partner is required.

Partner Accounts are valid until the end of the contract of the applicant. If the applicant's contract is extended, an extension of the card validity will be issued automatically:

A Partner Account Gives:

  • Access to the public computers such as in the Computer Rooms
  • Wireless network access via EUI-WiFi

A Partner Account Does NOT Give:

  • EUI email address (we assume partners have an external email account accessible via Internet)
  • Printing rights
  • Access to a Personal Web Area (W: Drive) for personal webpages
  • Access to EUI software licences (for personal laptops) or Citrix
  • Access to web intranet (including Forum)


As per the terms and conditions of the ICT Service's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), the owner of the account is responsible for all activities carried out under his/her login name and the password may not be disclosed to anyone else.

Please note that partners should use their own partner account ONLY (and NOT the EUI member's one).


For further non-IT access rights (Buildings, Canteen, Library, etc.) please refer to the online documentation.






[1] = Temporary and permanent agents, members of the contract staff, academic assistants, research fellows (including Marie Curie Fellows), part-time and full-time professors.



Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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