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DATA Folder Policy


Due to the implementation of EUI's Privacy Regulations in the field of IT, Windows-based computers running a Staff Configuration are set up in such a way that personal data can, locally, only be stored on the user's personal profile path (C:\User\username) which is inaccessible to any other user sharing and/or accessing the same PC (not even IT Administrators such as the User Support staff).

If deemed necessary to carry out their professional activity, eligible users may request the activation of a public C:\DATA folder.


Eligible Users

Activation of the public C:\DATA folder can be requested by any user with a Staff Configuration and justified requests shall be approved directly by the Privacy & Security Officer or the Head of the ICT Service.

Upon activation, the user abides by the following Disclaimer which will have to be returned, duly signed, to the ICT Service:


Disclaimer for Users Requesting the Activation of the Public C:\DATA Folder on the EUI Office Desktop PCs

The user is informed that the public C:\DATA folder is a non-protected, common access folder accessible by any user, without specific administrator rights, logging onto the PC.


The user, based on these conditions, is personally responsible for the protection and the backup of his/her own personal data which may be stored in said folder.

Moreover, the user accepts that the contents of the aforementioned folder are not protected by their privacy rights.


The ICT Service cannot be held responsible or made liable for any loss of personal data and/or its distribution by unauthorized users without the user's consent.



I, the undersigned, ____________________________________ , accept the criteria described hereto under the Disclaimer for Users Requesting the Activation of the Public C:\DATA folder on the EUI Office Desktop PCs,









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