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Mail Forwarding

With the introduction of the EUI WebMail service, access to incoming mail has been considerably simplified.

Via the Web interface, users can access their mail anytime and anywhere they have Internet access, without any special e-mail program configuration. As a result, the need for setting up and maintaining automatic mail forwarding mechanisms has been greatly reduced.



User requests for automatic forwarding (or the de-activation of automatic forwarding) must be requested via support ticket to the EUI4U Helpdesk, and this must be submitted at least 10 working days in advance of the date that forwarding is to start (or end).

Forwarding will be activated (or deactivated) by system technicians once per week.

Requests for forwarding can be granted only to those users leaving the Institute permanently or whose change of e-mail address to another single location will remain in force for a period of not less than 2 months. Forwarding will not be set up to more than one alternative address at the same time. If auto-forwarding is already in operation for a particular EUI e-mail account, a further activation request will not be accepted until removal of the previous auto-forward has been requested.

Auto-forwarding terminates 1 month after the EUI account itself expires.


A Word of Caution

Bearing in mind the time constraints stipulated above, it is important that users do not activate forwarding from an outside account back to their EUI account until they are sure that auto-forwarding from the EUI account has been turned off. Otherwise there is a high risk that mail will not be delivered.



Page last updated on 11 September 2023

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