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Assigned Equipment Policy

When supplied with IT equipment and/or software owned by the EUI and provided by the ICT Service, all members of the Institute have to comply with the below Terms of Use.

Relevant Heads of Units or Projects (if applicable) have additonal Obligations towards the EUI.

The EUI has an obligation to assign IT equipment/software individually for auditing purposes.

Whenever an equipment/software is notified to the ICT Service as being shared among (a group of) users, it will be assigned to the relevant (line) manager, Head of Unit or Project (whichever applies). If this is the case, the (line) manager or Head of Unit/Project is entirely accountable for the equipment/software.




Terms of Use

  1. While the equipment remains property of the EUI, the user is responsible for its care;
  2. The EUI will cover costs of insurance for loss or theft (to be claimed after receiving a detailed Police Report);
  3. The user must allow repairs and maintenance to the equipment provided;
  4. The user is liable for damage, loss or theft due to negligence, unless he/she proves that he/she had taken all precautionary and safety measures to avoid the event;
  5. Use by anyone other than the assigned individual is prohibited (exceptions apply for notified shared equipment);
  6. It will be the responsibility of the user:
    1. To return the equipment supplied to him/her on the termination of his/her contract at the EUI; and whenever requested by the EUI, for maintenance, upgrade or inventory purposes;
    2. To ensure adequate measures to protect his/her equipment against theft, damage, data leakage/breach and unauthorised usage. In particular, users:
      1. Must not leave unattended in public places equipment supplied by the EUI;
      2. Must not leave equipment unattended while they are switched on;
      3. Must protect at all times their equipment with a password/PIN in order to avoid unauthorised access;
    3. To update the antivirus software of their equipment on a regular basis;
    4. To ensure that their systems are up-todate and backup periodically by using the tools supplied by the EUI.
  7. Users cannot under any circumstances:
    1. Re-allocate assigned equipment to other EUI staff without first seeking authorisation from ICT Service or the relevant Head of Unit/Project (if applicable);
    2. Change the configuration of hardware and software supplied by the EUI in ways that contradict the applicable security policy;
    3. Use software and hardware for unauthorised purposes (e.g. commercial use, etc.).

Upon receipt of the equipment/software, members are asked to sign and date the acknowledgment of the above Terms of Use.


Management Obligations

Heads of Unit and Projects are responsible for:

  1. Reviewing the ongoing requirement/eligibility for each assigned equipment or software funded by ICT Service and/or Project's budget;
  2. Reviewing summary bills and addressing high call and data usage (applies to the supply of mobile voice/data plan or paid services only);
  3. Immediately informing ICT Service regarding user changes;
  4. Seeking authorisation from ICT Service when re-allocating assigned equipment/software.



Page last updated on 18 February 2020

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