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Admin Rights Policy


The EUI's software configurations offer a standardized and controlled environment which guarantees  maximum stability for the system as well as fast and efficient user support in case problems arise. For this reason, users are only allowed minimum desktop customization, and are not permitted to make changes to system configuration settings (such as AntiVirus, network settings or Windows Updates) or have rights to install extra software.

A higher set of permissions, called "Administrator Rights" (or Admin Rights), allow for:

  • the installation of software/applications packaged with Microsoft Installer (.MSI extension) while system configuration settings remain unaffected (on Windows-based desktop PCs);
  • the installation of any software/applications and full management of system configuration settings (on Mac-based computers).

If it is deemed necessary to carry out their professional activities, eligible users may request Administrator Rights on their Windows-based office desktop PC and/or Mac-based computers to install non-standard software/applications on their own.


Eligible Users

Administrator Rights can be requested only by Academic (full-time Faculty) or Administrative Staff (filed via the Head of Service) and justified requests shall be approved directly by the Head of the ICT Service.

Upon being granted administrator rights, the user agrees to abide by the following Disclaimer which must be returned, duly signed, to the ICT Service:


Disclaimer for Users Assigned with Administrator Rights on the EUI Office Desktop PCs and Laptops

Having received  administrator rights on his/her assigned desktop PC, the user is informed of the potential risks that may arise as a  result of inappropriate PC usage (even unintentional); these risks include damaging the operating system and software applications and even loss of data stored on the local hard disk.


The user, on the basis of these conditions, is personally responsible for the protection and backup of his/her own personal data on the local data storage (C: Drive, Macintosh HD, etc.).


In instances where a major issue occurs, such as:

  • a software application stops working (or behaves in an unexpected way)
  • a software configuration disruption affects the PC's performance
  • the PC disrupts the performance of the IT infrastructure

this may be due to unrecoverable errors and damages resulting from using the PC with administrator rights, and as such the ICT Service may be forced to perform a fresh installation (technically called "cloning"). This would involve a complete deletion of the PC’s software configuration, including personally stored data, in order to recover the original PC functionality.

Furthermore, the ICT Service cannot be held responsible or made liable for any loss of personal data and/or damages caused thereafter.



I, the undersigned, ____________________________________ , accept the criteria described hereto under the Disclaimer for Users Assigned with Administrator Rights on the EUI Office Desktop PCs and Laptops,









Page last updated on 20 August 2017

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