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The Euro: information resources and bibliography


The European Central Bank publishes Economic Bulletins, Financial Stability Reviews and alerts for new publications, policy positions and statistical data. ECB aggregate data series are based on observations from national central banks, credit institutions and other international data sources.

Euro area statistical data resources are accessible via the EUI Library's Directory of European Statistics which includes official and non-official data on the European economy and the European Union.

Euro at 20 resource page (ECB and EC).

The European Stability Mechanism secretariat issues analysis and updates on financial stability in Europe.

The IMF produces regular Euro Area reports (Article IV mission procedure).

The OECD publishes Economic Surveys of the Euro Area. Supporting data, and all OECD publications, are available via the online OECD iLibrary.

The Eurostat portal is the official source for European Union, member state and sub-state statistical data. (New aggregate data for the European Union without the UK was updated in 2019.)

The European Economic Sentiment Indicator (ESI) is a synthesis of monthly surveys compiled by EC ECFIN, with data for the Euro area and the EU. The Indicator is generated from questionnaires sent to consumers and business managers.

The EC Economic and Financial Affairs directorate-general publishes regular surveys in the context of the European Semester process.

The Euro Area section of the EU's Consilium information service, provides official information on Euro-related topics including; banking union, convergence criteria, the single resolution mechanism and the single supervisory mechanism.

A weekly digest of monetary and economic developments in the European Union is available from VOX EU.

The EUI Library provides premium online access to The Financial Times, The Economist, The New York Times and the digital news archive Factiva-Dow Jones.


Euro Area Bibliography

All books listed below are in the EUI collection. Works are listed in reverse chronological order. Full bibliographical details are in the Library Catalogue. 

Macroeconomc Theory and the Eurozone Crisis edited by Alain Alcouffe et al

Greek Tragedy, European Odyssey: the politics and economics of the eurozone crisis by Robert Godby and Stephanie B. Anderson

The EMU after the Euro Crisis: Lessons and Possibilities – findings and proposals from the Horizon 2020 ADEMU project edited by Ramon Marimon and Thomas Cooley

The Political Economy of the Eurozone edited by Ivano Cardinale et al

Rethinking Economic and Monetary Union in Europe: a Post-Keynesian alternative by Philip B. Whyman

Financial Underpinnings of Europe's Financial Crisis: liberalization, integration and asymmetric state power by Nina Eichacker

Economic Imbalances and Institutional Changes to the Euro and the European Union edited by Rajmund Mirdala and Rosaria Rita Canale

Monetary Integration in Europe: the European Monetary Union after the Financial Crisis by Horst Tomann

The European Union and the Eurozone under Stress: challenges and solutions for repairing fault lines in the European Project by John Theodore et al

A Monetary Hope for Europe: the Euro and the struggle for the creation of a new global currency edited by Max Guderzo and Andrea Bosco

Eurobondage: the political costs of monetary union in Europe by Jonathon Moses

The Political Economy of Monetary Solidarity: understanding the euro experiment by Waltraud Schelkle

The Political Economy of Italy in the Euro by Leila Simona Talani

Adults In the Room: my battle with Europe’s deep establishment by Yanis Varoufakis

Tangled Governance: international regime complexity, the Troika, and the Euro crisis by C. Randall Henning

Europe and the Euro: integration, crisis and policies by Enrico Marelli and Marcello Signorelli

The Euro and the Crisis: perspectives for the Eurozone as a monetary and budgetary union edited by Nazaré da Costa Cabral et al

The Political Economy of European Banking Union by David Howarth and Lucia Quaglia

Governance of the European Monetary Union: recasting political, fiscal and financial integration edited by Erik Jones and Francisco Torres

The Sovereign Debt Crisis, the EU and welfare state reform edited by Caroline de la Porte and Elke Heins

The Euro and the Battle of Ideas by Markus K. Brunnermeier et al

Multi-level Finance and the Euro Crisis: causes and effects edited by Ehtisham Ahmad et al

Modern Monetary Theory and European Macroeconomics by Dirk H. Ehnts

From Convergence to Crisis: labor markets and the instability of the Euro by Alison Johnston

Economics of Monetary Union (11th ed) by Paul de Grauwe

The Incomplete Currency: the future of the Euro and solutions for the eurozone edited by Marcello Minenna et al

Europe's New Supervisory Toolkit: data, benchmarking and stress testing for banks and their regulators edited by Mario Quagliariello

Banking Union as a Shock Absorber: lessons for the Eurozone from the US by Daniel Gros and Ansgar Belke

Beyond the Crisis: the governance of Europe's economic, political and legal transformation by Mark Dawson et al

The Political and Economic Dynamics of the Eurozone Crisis by James A. Caporaso and Martin Rhodes

The Euro Experiment by Paul Wallace

The European Banking Union: supervision and resolution by Giuseppe Boccuzzi

European Bank Restructuring During the Global Financial Crisis edited by Małgorzata Iwanicz-Drozdowska

Financial Regulation in the European Union edited by Rainer Kattel et al

From Saviour to Guarantor: EU member states' economic intervention during the Financial Crisis by Fabio Bassan and Carlo D. Mottura

The Great Financial Plumbing: from Northern Rock to Banking Union by Karel Lannoo

The New Financial Architecture in the Eurozone by Franklin allen, Elena Carletti and Joanna Gray

Germany's Role in the Euro Crisis: Berlin's quest for a more perfect monetary union by Franz-Josef Meiers

Eurozone Politics: perception and reality in Italy, the UK and Germany by Philip Giurlando

The European Sovereign Debt Crisis and its Impacts on Financial Markets by Go Tamakoshi and Shigeyuki Hamori

The Effects of the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis: differentiated integration between the centre and the new peripheries of the EU edited by Christian Schweiger and José M. Magone

European Banking Union edited by Danny Busch and Guido Ferrarini

The Post-Crisis EU Financial Regulatory Framework: do the pieces fit? House of Lords [UK] European Union Committee, 5th Report of Session 2014-2015

Against the Troika: crisis and austerity in the Eurozone by Heiner Flassbeck and Costas Lapavitsas

Europe Managing the Crisis: the politics of fiscal consolidation by Walter J.M. Kickert and Tiina Randma-Liiv

The Restructuring of Banks and Financial Systems in the Euro Area and the Financing of SMEs edited by Filippo Luca Calciano et al

A New Start for the Eurozone: dealing with debt by Giancarlo Corsetti et al

European Populism in the Shadow of the Great Recession edited by Hanspeter Kriesi and Takis S. Pappas

La Banque centrale européenne et l'Eurosystème: recherches sur le renouvellement d’une méthode d’intégration by Sébastien Adalid

The European Debt Crisis: the Greek case by Costas Simitis

Eurozone Dystopia: groupthink and denial on a grand scale by William Mitchell

The Governance Report 2015: Eurozone crisis, economic governance, institutional dilemmas, constitutionalism and indicators [Hertie School of Governance]

Financial Crisis, Austerity and Electoral Politics: European voter responses to the global economic collapse 2009-2013 edited by Pedro C. Magalhães

The Future of the Euro edited by Matthias Matthijs and Mark Blyth

Crisis in the Eurozone: causes, dilemmas and solutions by Mark Baimbridge and Philip B. Whyman

Managing Risks in the European Periphery Debt Crisis: lessons from the trade-off between economics, politics and the financial markets edited by George Christodoulakis

Which European Union? Europe after the Euro crisis by Sergio Fabbrini

Europe in Crisis: problems, chllenges and alternative perspectives edited by Aristidis Bitzenis et al

ECB Banking Supervision and Beyond by Karel Lannoo (CEPS Task Force report)

Bearing the Losses from Bank and Sovereign Default in the Eurozone edited by Franklin Allen et al

The Eurozone Crisis and the Transformation of EU Governance: internal and external implications edited by Maria João Rodrigues and Eleni Xiarchogiannopoulou

The International Role of the Euro [ECB]

The European Union Beyond the Crisis: evolving governance, contested policies and disenchanted publics by Boyka M. Stefanova

Sovereign Risk and Public-Private Partnership During the Euro Crisis by Maura Campra et al

The Euro, the Dollar and the Global Financial Crisis: currency challenges seen from emerging markets by Miguel Otero-Iglesias

The Eurozone Crisis and the Future of Europe: the political economy of further integration and governance edited by Daniel Dăianu et al 

Economic Policy Coordination in the Euro Area by Armin Steinbach

The Economics of the Monetary Union and the Eurozone Crisis Manuel Sanchis i Marco

Europe and the Governance of Global Finance edited by Daniel Mügge

The Debt Crisis in the Eurozone: social impacts edited by Nicholas P. Petropoulos and George O. Tsobanoglou

Europe's Crisis, Europe's Future edited by Kemal Dervis and Jacques Mistral

The Euro Crisis and its Aftermath by Jean Pisani-Ferry

The Euro and International Financial Stability by Efthymios G. Tsionasx

The Resolution of Cross-Border Banking Crises in the European Union: a legal study from the perspective of burden sharing by Seraina Neva Grünewald

From Fragmentation to Financial Integration in Europe edited by Charles Enoch et al

Legal Challenges in the Global Financial Crisis; bail-outs, the Euro and regulation edited by Wolf-Georg Ringe and Peter M. Huber

Genuine Economic and Monetary Union and the implications for the UK, House of Lords European Union Committee report

Emerging from the Euro Debt Crisis: making the single currency work by Michael Heise

The Eurozone Crisis: a constitutional analysis by Kaarlo Tuori and Klaus Tuori

Austerity: European democracies against the wall by Lorenzo Bini Smaghi

The European Union and the Euro: how to deal with a currency built on dreams by Hans Geeroms et al

A Contemporary Concept of Monetary Sovereignty by Claus D. Zimmermann

Regulation of European Banks and Business Models: towards a new paradigm? by Rym Ayadi et al

The Economic Crisis and Governance in the European Union: a critical assessment by Javier Bilbao-Ubillos

Dollars, Euros and Debt: how we got into the fiscal crisis, and how to get out of it by Vito Tanzi

European Debt Restructuring Handbook by Kon Asimacopoulos and Justin Bickle

The EU Economic and Social Model in the Global Crisis edited by Dagmar Schiek

Trader's Guide to the Euro Area: economic indicators, the ECB and the Euro crisis by David J. Powell

Governance for the Eurozone: integration of disintegration? edited by Franklin Allen et al

Public Sector Shock: the impact of policy retrenchment in Europe edited by Daniel Vaughan-Whitehead

Europe in Crisis by Ivan T. Berend

The Great Eurozone Disaster: from crisis to global new deal by Heikki Patomäki

The Euro Crisis edited by Philip Arestis and Malcolm Sawyer

The Tragedy of the Euro by Philipp Bagus

Saving Europe: anatomy of a dream by Carlo Bastasin

A Europe Made of Money: the emergence of the European Monetary System by Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol

A Comprehensive Approach to the Euro-area Debt Crisis by Zsolt Darvas

Economic Crisis in Europe edited by Paul van den Noord and István P. Székely

The Euro Area and the Financial Crisis edited by Miroslav Beblavý et al

Resolving the European Debt Crisis edited by William R. Cline and Guntram B. Wolff

Governing the Euro Area in Good Times and Bad by Dermot Hodson

Euro Crisis: aggregate demand control is European single currency weakness by Peter James Rhys Morgan

Euro Crash: the exit route from monetary failure in Europe by Brendan Brown

La crisis del euro: de Atenas a Madrid by Josep Borrell and Andreu Missé

Leaving the Euro: a practical guide by Roger Bootle et al (Capital Economics) 

Life in the Eurozone with or without Sovereign Default? edited by Franklin Allen et al

Europe's Deadlock by David Marsh

The Euro: the politics of the new global currency (2nd ed.) by David Marsh

Europe and the Financial Crisis edited by Pompeo Della Posta and Leila Simona Talani

The Euro and its Rivals: currency and the construction of a transnational city by Gustav Peebles

The End of the Euro: the uneasy future of the European Union by Johan van Overtveldt

Dynamic Policy Interactions in a Monetary Union by Michael Carlberg

Adjustment Difficulties and Debt Overhangs in the Eurozone Periphery by Cinzia Alcidi and Daniel Gros

The Economic Crisis and European Integration edited by Wim Meeusen

Governance of a Fragile Eurozone by Paul de Grauwe

The Crisis of the Eurozone by Dorothee Bohle

The Euro in the 21st Century: economic crisis and financial uproar by María Lorca-Susino

Europe and the Euro edited by Alberto Alesina and Francesco Giavazzi

Europe Will Work: but it needs to strengthen its governance, fix its banks and reform its structural policies Nomura Global Economics

The Concrete Euro: implementing monetary policy in the Euro area edited by Paul Mercier and Francesco Papadia

The Euro: the first decade edited by Marco Buti et al

European Economic Governance and Policies by Kenneth Dyson and Lucia Quaglia

Introduction of the Euro and the Monetary Policy of the European Central Bank by Shigeyuki Hamori and Naoko Hamori

The Euro and Economic Stability: focus on Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe edited by Ewald Nowotny et al.


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